Musicalmente hablando….


Aeroplane vuelven con una sesión corta pero fabulosamente fresca. Me he encontrado un video de youtube muy gracioso, lo quería compartir con ustedes!!!

Bueno nada más que decir sólo dale al play y suban los altavoces que esto es calidad musical.

P.D.: Que maravilla de Belgas saben tocar como pocas.

P.D2.: Me gustaria que ganarán el Mundial :)

Help make Plasma 5 real!

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Maybe you already know that the new version of the desktop by the KDE people, called Plasma 5, is in the makings. I totally believe that this forthcoming release will be amazing,  and that’s why Aleix Pol and myself have already started porting KDE Connect to this new Desktop Environment.

Porting every application in KDE, though, requires a huge amount of work. This is one of the reasons why some of the best hackers in KDE will meet this summer in Randa, Switzerland: to work hard in the next version of the best desktop environment ever!

If you, like me, also believe that Plasma 5 will be awesome and want to help its development, I encourage you to donate in the crowd-funding campaign they started to cover the expenses of the meeting. You can do it from the following link:

Thanks from all the KDE Community!

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15 surprising and odd things you never knew about the English language

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The English language is spoken globally but has a West Germanic origin. A good number of sovereign states use it as their first and official language of communication. Among the most common native language, it is ranked third after Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Below is an outline of 15 surprising and odd things you never knew about the English language.

  • Over 2 billion words in the Oxford English Corpus

Currently, the Oxford English Corpus is estimated to contain close to or over 2 billion English words. These words are not new to English speakers since they are used on a daily basis.

  • 50,000 words fit for an average person

Regardless of the existence of over 2 billion English words, an average person is required to at least know a minimum of 50,000 words. Having a clear understanding of all available English words could be tough since new words keep coming…

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ten. watch 10 films on imdb’s top 250 list

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To specify, I wanted to watch 10 films I had not yet seen, from this fun list on IMDB’s webpage.

Sidebar: Does anyone use the word webpage anymore?


I got really close on this one. As of my latest update I had watched 6/10 of the movies on my list. Since then Evelina and I watched Schindler’s List, so that’s another step forward.


I was a little embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t seen this one. We had seen clips in history class, but I don’t believe that counts…If you haven’t seen it, Schindler’s list is a horribly wonderful movie. Comes highly recommended.

It does, unfortunately, leave this item incomplete. Evelina seems less than thrilled with the three remaining films, so if this item is to be completed looks like I’ll be going it alone.

Have you seen any of the remaining films? Which should I see first?

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